Wedding Dress Shopping in North Carolina

Wedding Dress Shopping in North Carolina

Wedding Dress shopping is one of the most exciting things you will do in your wedding planning process! This should be a fun time surrounded by your best gal pals whether that is your whole Bridal party or just your Mom. However, it doesn’t always turn out that way. We’ve heard less than exciting things about shopping for wedding dresses, so we’ve put together a few ways you can make it an amazing experience!


  1. Set a Reasonable Budget: Many people forget to include their wedding dress into their overall wedding budget. You don’t want to get started on the wrong foot by spending more on your wedding dress than your budget allows. You want to allow plenty of budget for those things you will cherish later such as wedding photos or having a great videographer. Generally, you want to allocate 8-10% of your budget for your dress and Bridal accessories. There are some amazing consignment shops in the Raleigh area that can save you hundreds of dollars on your budget.

Candler Budget Bridal in the mountains of North Carolina is a great place to stay on budget! It’s one of those hidden gems that you would not expect to find your fairy tale gown. However, with tons of fans across North Carolina, this may just be the place you’ve been looking for! They have a great selection of gowns and you can’t beat the price – they’re all under $300!

Shop Early

  1. Shop Early! It can take several months for Bridal boutiques to order your dress and for it to arrive to the store. Once the dress arrives you will likely have several fitting appointments. Rush orders and rush alterations can be very expensive. Alternatively, those funds could be used on other parts of your wedding or honeymoon. Plan ahead! Dress alterations can take quite some time depending on:
  • The type of alterations that need to be made
  • The style of dress
  • Intricacy of the dress
  • Prime Wedding season

Don’t Forget!

  1. Remember Undergarments & Accessories! The type of undergarments you choose to wear with your dress may affect the way your dress will fit. Depending on the dress style, you may also need specialized undergarments, or you may not need any at all! It is becoming more common for dresses to come with built-in corsets that replace the need for additional pieces under the dress. You may also want to bring along a robe or cover up to wear in between trying on dresses to make you more comfortable.


Coastal Knot Bridal in Wilmington, North Carolina is a beautiful boutique that will make you feel right at home if you’re nervous to try on gowns for the first time. A relaxed and memorable environment is what the Coastal Knot experience offers. Coastal Knot Bridal also has a Bridesmaid’s Portal which makes it very convenient for all of your girls to participate in the process of getting their gowns as well!


  1. Research, but keep an open mind! I’ve been told by many Brides that they thought they knew the exact dress they wanted. However, when they went and tried it on they didn’t like the way it fit their body. Those Brides ended up with a completely different styled dress that they would’ve never expected! There may be an unexpected style you end up loving!


North Carolina is one of those states that makes it easy to travel to the best boutiques in the state to find the ideal dress. Consider visiting one of the many consignment shops dedicated to Bridal fashions. It may save you hundreds of dollars on your dream dress! If you’re searching for a specific style of dress, make sure your local boutique carries the style. It may be worth the trip to Wilmington to find a beachy, flowing dress for your destination wedding. All the while, a consignment store may be the best place to find the vintage gown you’ve had your heart set on.

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